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The great part of our work - development of casino game solutions with high quality products to the market of the gaming industry and here we have a great experience. Our company offers a quality software and various hardware platforms, where core is a set of new games made by professional designers, artists and sound professionals.

One of our casino hardware platform, which we use for slot machine game kit products, is based on popular and widespread gaming platform (raspberry pi 3 game board).

The main advantages of such platform are that it is pretty powerful for single monitor gaming solutions and board price determines a good final platform price. That means it can be used as a good and cheap casino platform for many projects. It is not a problem to use a lot of bonuses, progressive jackpots, prizes and promotions in games.

High speed, flexibility and a high level of security, coupled with the optimal price-quality distinguish our software solutions company among other products on the market.

The company use slot machine game platform according to industry standard hardware features and components. Slots and other game products are supported by stand-alone machines. Also it is possible to setup machines software to work via network, operated by POS server or other external server.

Our benefits

  • Our soft can work with different gaming hardware;
  • It is possible to add support of preferred gaming board for custom price;
  • We use standard JAMMA 36/10 pins (Cherry master) harness;
  • Main part of casino hardware platform - gaming board, which can be bought all over the world (for example raspberry pi 3 - pretty popular and very simple for order);
  • Platform supports a set of minimal required functions used in the casino market (buttons, lamps, meters, NVRAM, RTC, various pulse devices, etc);
  • On the base of our platform, you can make a gaming slot machine at the best price, depends on your requirements - from simple project to high-end incredible slot machine;
  • Wide range of suitable locations, where our products can be used such as bar, shop, gaming hall, nightclub and many other.

"If you want to create a slot machine, our slot machine development service and this casino gaming platform is a very good, compact and cost-saving solution"

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Copyright (c) Enngenie, 2018.

Copyright (c) Enngenie, 2018.

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